Curriculum Vitae

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” — Lao Tzu


Software Engineer (Full Time)
Nexxiot AG
April 2018 – now (Zürich Area, Switzerland)
  • Working full-time on developing and operating multiple scalable, fault-tolerant, and resilient services that are part of our platform with the help of Kotlin, a pinch of common sense, and more.
Course Instructor (Part Time)
University of Zürich
March 2018 – now (Zürich Area, Switzerland)
  • Responsible for the preparation and realization of the following courses as part of the course program offered by the University of Zürich:
    • Foundations of Programming in Python (APPE5 and APPE6)
    • Python - Data Analysis Essentials (APPF1)
  • Responsible for teaching students about the basics of programming using Python (APPE5 and APPE6) and on how to accomplish different data analysis tasks with numpy and pandas (APPF1). The participants of these courses have different backgrounds and majors, and include Bachelor and/or Master students, PhD students, PostDocs, and employees from the University of Zürich.
  • List of courses I taught:
    1. APPF1, spring semester 2019, 11.05.2019 and 18.05.2019
    2. APPE5, spring semester 2018, 16.03.2019 and 30.03.2019
    3. APPF1, autumn semester 2018, 24.11.2018 and 01.12.2018
    4. APPE6, autumn semester 2018, 27.10.2018 and 03.11.2018
    5. APPE5, spring semester 2018, 28.04.2018 and 05.05.2018
Reasearch Assistant and Lead Software Engineer
ETH Zürich
November 2017 – April 2018 (Zürich Area, Switzerland)
  • Lead the implementation and continued development of a parallel eigensolver written in C++11 (Trilinos, MPI) with polynomial filtering for the computation of eigenvalues and corresponding eigenvectors in the interior of the spectrum of high-dimensional Hessian matrices with the help of high-performance clusters
  • Employed a data-driven testing approach by implementing various easily extensible test data generators in MATLAB and a test validation framework in C++11 (Trilinos, MPI) to run and validate unit-tests on distributed-memory architectures
  • Successfully employed the eigensolver for the diagonalization of sparse Hessian matrices with dimensions up to 12 Mio. times 12 Mio. on the EULER cluster at ETH Zürich
  • This employment was the result of an extension of the project resulting from my Master's thesis. The eigensolver has been implemented by myself in a first version as part of my Master's thesis from 02/2017 – 09/2017; see
Course Instructor, Workshop on Exam Preparation Strategies
ETH Zürich
November 2017 – November 2017 (Zürich Area, Switzerland)
  • Prepared and directed two courses on how to plan an optimal preparation phase for the first-year examinations (Basisprüfung) to students from D-MATH and D-PHYS based on principles from project management
Private Tutor (Self-Employed)
January 2016 – April 2018 (Zürich Area, Switzerland)
  • Private tutoring in Computer Science, Math, and Physics
  • Tutored various students from different universities (ETH Zürich, UZH) or universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen), students doing an advanced vocational training or an apprenticeship, and students in senior high school (Oberstufe) or primary school
  • Consulted students during thesis projects in tasks involving programming and/or general
  • Screenshot of my old tutoring homepage
Course Instructor, Exam Preparation Course
VSETH - Verband der Studierenden an der ETH
June 2017 – June 2017 (Zürich Area, Switzerland)
  • Prepared a 4-day exam preparation course for 24 students based on lecture slides, exercises, and old exams of the Informatik II (252-0846-00L) lecture
  • Received a bonus based on the very positive evaluation of the course from the students
  • Web:
Tutor, Prestudy Events
ETH Zürich
May 2016 – June 2017 (Zürich Area, Switzerland)
  • Presented the Computational Science and Engineering degree program and talked about the study life at ETH Zürich to a group of CSE soon-to-be freshmen at multiple prestudy events
Teaching Assistant, Multiple Lectures
ETH Zürich
September 2014 – June 2017 (Zürich Area, Switzerland)
Presenter, CSE Study Information Events and ETH Study Information Days
ETH Zürich
May 2016 – May 2017 (Zürich Area, Switzerland)
  • Presented the CSE degree program from a personal perspective to interested first-year students from different majors during CSE study information events (05/2016 and 05/2017)
  • Presented the CSE degree program from a personal perspective and also talked to interested students at the CSE booth during the study information days at ETH Zürich (09/2016 and 05/2016)
Course Instructor, Exam Preparation Course
VSETH - Verband der Studierenden an der ETH
June 2016 – June 2016 (Zürich Area, Switzerland)
Software Engineer
localsearch (Swisscom Directories AG)
September 2009 – August 2011 (Zürich Area, Switzerland)
  • Worked on the implementation of an online planning tool for our sales force using .NET/C#, ASP.NET (both .NET Framework 3.5), JavaScript, TFS, and Visual Studio 2008
  • Implemented an application for showcasing the number of sales per canton on an interactive map of Switzerland using Microsoft Silverlight and MS SQL Server 2008
  • The company was previously named LTV Gelbe Seiten AG and later merged with


ETH Zürich
Master of Science ETH in Computational Science and Engineering
2015 – 2017
ETH Zürich
Bachelor of Science ETH in Computational Science and Engineering
2011 – 2016
HSR Rapperswil
Bachelor of Science FH in Computer Science
2006 – 2009
Berufsbildungszentrum Uster
Vocational Education with an A Level Diploma in Systems Engineering
2002 – 2006

Volunteer Experience

Member of the Board, Computational Science and Engineering Alumni Association
ETH Zürich
January 2018 – April 2019


ETH Zürich
Advanced English for Academic Purposes C1-C2
February 2016
ETH Zürich
Didactic Instruction for the D-INFK Teaching Assistants
September 2014