Giuseppe Accaputo

APPF1: Python - Data Analysis Essentials
University of Zürich • Autumn Semester 2018

Grundlagen der Programmierung für Nicht-Informatiker (University of Zürich, Autumn Semester 2018)

Welcome to the homepage for the «Python - Data Analysis Essentials» course, where you can download all the course materials (slides and various Jupyter notebooks).

You can find the Jupyter notebooks from the second course day on

Course Dates

The course takes place on two Saturdays (24.11.2018 and 01.12.2018) from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM in the course room Y10-E-25.
Content: Storing and operating on data with NumPy: one- and two-dimensional NumPy arrays, array indexing and slicing, NumPy's universal functions, aggregations, working with Boolean arrays; Using Pandas to get more out of data: working with DataFrame and Series objects, data selection, parsing data files with NumPy and Pandas, aggregating and grouping data in Pandas
Content: A short Python primer, an introduction to IPython and Jupyter notebooks, lists, dictionaries, sets, and tuples