What I’m Doing Now

Welcome to my Now page. If you’re curious about the concept of a “now page”, visit nownownow.com.

I’m currently living in the canton of Zürich, Switzerland, and I’m doing the following things:

  • During the week I’m working full-time as a Software Engineer at nexxiot AG, where I write code extending our back-end to support the forwarding, processing, and enriching of thousand of messages that our devices send daily and our customers need to see. I’m currently working heavily with the Kotlin programming language and I enjoy it a lot.
  • On eight Saturdays during the academic year I work as a Course Instructor at the University of Zürich, where I teach the following courses to students (BSc, MSc, and PhD), researchers, and employees of the University of Zürich:
    • a course on Python programming basics, which is specifically designed as an introductory course for people who want to take their first steps in the programming world
    • a course on data analysis essentials using NumPy and Pandas, which is more advanced and directed to people who want to learn on how to use these two powerful libraries for everyday data analysis tasks
  • I’m currently reading Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson, the third book in The Stormlight Archive fantasy series. I’ve already read through The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, and Edgedancer, with the latter being a novel between the second and the third book of the Stormlight Archive.